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Plug and Play. Crate Audio mixers are designed to be simple to operate, own and maintain. In one easy-to-

transport and rugged package we provide a full featured electronic system; mixer, EQ and power amp(s). They are all covered with black Ozite one of the most rugged materials available. When building your sound system, deciding between the vast array of mixers, crossovers, EQ's, power amps, limiters and digital effects processors can be a rather confusing task. All Crate Audio products are designed to work together, so you don't have to worry about mis-matching components. Just select a mixer, speakers, and monitors that fit your application and your budget. When it says "Crate Audio", you have made a sound decision. Each of the PA Series of Powered Mixers include a mono power amp which has the ability to run 2-8 ohm speakers, (4ohm load), or up to 4-8 ohm speakers or monitors, (2ohm load).


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