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The Powered PSM Series provides the perfect solution for players needing maximum convenience and coverage in a live setting without the use of external power amps. Keyboard players can also use the PSM Series for amplification of their instruments without the use of a keyboard amp.

The Powered PSM6P is a portable powered speaker enclosure that utilizes a 6" woofer and a dome tweeter combined with a 50 watt RMS onboard power amplifier. Due to the incredible fidelity of the PSM6P, this unit is perfect for use as a powered monitor in a home studio setting, as well as a variety of live applications including on-stage keyboard monitoring, and live speaking engagements. The PSM6P features 1/4" input and aux output, a Mic/Line switch for input matching, Gain control for unity gain setting, a Tone control for room EQ, and a Master Volume.

The preamp section of these workhorses includes Power Switch and Indicator on the back panel (as well as a blue LED indicator on the front of the unit), Mic/Line Button for Input matching, Gain Control for unity gain setting, 3 band EQ, and Master Level Control. These preamps are so versatile that you can plug in nearly any type of device from a low output microphone to a line level keyboard and achieve perfect musical output.


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