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These are metal boards with real metal "nutted" pots, for a solid feel and performance. Not only does each channel give you balanced XLR and 1/4" input jacks, but you also have balanced XLR and 1/4" output jacks for your left, right and mix outputs. Each channel comes with 1/4" insert jacks for interfacing compressors (SM4-CL), parametric EQ's (SM3-PE) or other signal processors. An input gain control is provided for proper level setting with a peak LED to help you set the level visually. You have 3-bands of EQ and a total of four aux. sends. Two are wired "pre-fader" for use as monitor sends, and two are wired "post-fader" for use with effects sends.

Each channel has a mute switch and a "PFL" pre-fader listen. This PFL solo is routed to the headphones or to the separate 1/4" PFL output jack. With the wiring this way, you can create a separate mix by selecting the PFL's that you want to rout through these outputs, or use to cue up a selected channel without affecting your entire left & right mix. 48 volt Phantom Power is provided as well as dual RCA tape input and output jacks.


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